18 Year Old Female


Symptoms over four weeks:

Constant lower abdominal pain

Constant lower back pain

Fullness and lack of appetite

Pain/pressure in my abdomen when I urinate



For the past four weeks I’ve had a dull, constant pain in my lower abdomen and my lower back. I didn’t think anything of it, until I started to lose my appetite and had lost three pounds. On the Thursday went to my local doctor and after examining my tummy, she made me an appointment for a blood test on the Tuesday and said that she would call to make me an ultrasound appointment in the next two weeks with a private surgery.

During the weekend, my symptoms gradually got worse and my pains were getting more severe. I couldn’t sleep because the pain never ended. I tried to change my positions in bed (turning to the side, on my back etc.) and I couldn’t get comfortable. I wasn’t eating because I had a feeling of fullness and every time I tried to eat, it made me feel sick. 

I made another appointment with a doctor and she examined me, took a urine test and said that it may be a urine tract infection; however she described that my symptoms didn’t support this diagnosis. She phoned the bed management at the local hospital and explained that the surgeons would be able to do more tests to see what was wrong with me.

I went to the hospital and they did tests such as blood pressure, hearts monitor etc. which all came back normal except for finding blood in my urine test. I went home because I really didn’t fancy having a night in a hospital ward, especially if I couldn’t sleep.

The doctor told me to come in the morning to the nurse practitioner and do some more tests. I had a blood test that came back normal and I had an ultrasound (which I hadn’t prepared for) so they had to dig deep (which made my pain worse) and they found a cyst on my right ovary. Then, I seen a gynaecologist who explained that the cyst wasn’t big enough to cause the pain that I was experiencing. They told me that I should come back in three weeks time to monitor the cyst and I went home.

So, I left with no answers and feeling no better. I’m stressed out due the pain and lack of sleep, while not knowing what’s causing my symptoms.

Anyone experienced the same symptoms or can make anything clearer what it could be?