Hi, the first time I experienced this was a year ago, i had some juicy sausages for dinner, which I ate to much, and the next morning when i woke up I had this crazy sever pain in my upper abdominal. I vomited couple of times and went to doctor, he didn't give me anything but just said that it's because i ate to much for dinner and my stomach couldn't digest it all. I remember that the pain was really bad, but as fast as it came it disappeared. I forgot about the thing and went on with my life. 8 months passed and I didn't had anything similar, but just before 4 months, it happened again, but for no reason.I woke up, kinda felt a bit weird feeling in my stomach but not to much, i ate everything normally, no fast food or anything, and trough the day the pain started building up, to the point in evening where pain got so bad I vomited couple of times, but it didn't helped. And just suddenly the pain disappeared. After that I got that same attack just 2 months ago and yesterday. So 3 times in just 4 months, and 4 times in total. And every time is the same symptoms, pain which builds up to the point where it gets so severe that I start sweating and shaking a bit, and start feeling weak, and the pain is so so severe that I never felt that much pain in my life, and it gets me vomiting and burping. The peak of the pain lats for about 8 to 10 hours, and I just don't know how to cope with it, non of painkillers helped. And when it passes the day after I still feel weak and a loss of appetite. And I went to my doctor and he said it can be because of bad food I eat some times, and it can be because of stress and lack of sleep. Does anyone ever had experienced the same symptoms like these? I need some help to avoid this, cause when it kicks in, it is the worst couple of hours you can imagine, the pain is so severe i literally go dumb and start to feel like falling unconscious.