Good morning.
The past two days I have had stomach pain in the upper area. All across upper area under ribcage radiating to the back. Pain was so uncomfortable that I had to lay on the floor. I took 800 mg of ibuprofen and didn't ease pain. It happened just after I ate dinner. I went for a walk with b/f's dog came home had a handful of cheese nips and pain came. Was tolerable but bothersome. Pain subsided for awhile. Ate dinner with family then pain became intense. Laying on the floor in somewhat of a fetal position helped some. I ate something that usually gases me up to see if perhaps I had a gas bubble. Didn't help. Woke up this morning no pain. Anyone help me out? Back in March of 2009 was menstrating and had sever lower abdomen pain, took catscan and showed nothing, but they said could be my gall bladder. Could recent pain be considered gall bladder acting up again???