Pain in upper middle stomach for a couple weeks that was tolerable,but constant. Felt like gnawing,and a little bit hunger. Didn't change when I ate. No acidity feeling. Started getting worse & had to use ducolax 3 weeks in a row,but it wasn't like constipation pain,this was right under breasts in the middle. Went to go,thought it was gastritis,put me on 24 HR Nexium. 6 days still getting worse,in addition to stomach pain, ribs on left side and lower back killing me. Hadn't been able to eat much,not because it would hurt any mire or less,just felt like no room. Severe pain,went to ER. Thought maybe pancreas problems or H pylori.also already on narcotics for other issues and it wasn't touching the pain. Gave me .5 IV dilaudid & it only helped for 1/2 HR. CT scan came back fine. Went back to doc,still thinking gastritis,has me on previcid & per ER ,pretty much chugging Maalox. Got appt with gastro doc. Very thorough exam & sets me up for endoscopy. Says to think about abdominal wall pain syndrome because of exam he did & if scope comes back OK. Well it did. PLEASE PEOPLE,look tat up. Also,about rectus muscle and nerve entrapment. Many docs don't know about ABDOMINAL WALL pain. Also, the gastritis docs don't treat it. Pain mgmt,pts,neurologists,etc. I'm still in pain,cuz today's Sunday,hoping to get squeezed in for dry needling tomorrow,cuz we're supposed to be going away for 2 weeks tomorrow. How ABDOMINAL WALL pain,can hurt so bad & mimic so many other things is beyond me. Let me know what you all think after researching and asking questions. Hope this helps alot of you !