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I have severe stomach pain after I eat, and 6 months ago I gave birth to a healthy boy. The pain all started when I was in the hospital trying to prevent my son from being born early and the doctors were hesitant in feeding me, but I insisted cause I hadn't had anything to eat in 2 days. Well, they gave in and that's when my stomach problems started. It stopped for about 2 months and just recently I started getting the pains again. My OBGYN told me to take pro-biotics and that helped for a bit, but I still had pains. I'm wondering if it could be a stomach ulcer or maybe something worse.......please help with your opinion.




What type of food are you eating?
4 weeks after I gave birth to my son I had my first galbladder attack, felt like I was dying!! It only came on when I ate fatty foods. It took two yrs of on and off gal bladder attacks before I was put on a list and had it surgically removed. Post op its completely disappeared!! It pays to check with your doc for gal bladder infection...