I had sex with my BF during the 3rd night of my period (it was still flowing) but the condom broke so he ejeculated inside me. 36 hrs. later I took Plan B, the reason I took Plan B quite slow is because the day after having sex my period was still flowing normally. after I took plan B my period stopped immediately. I took a urine test 17 days later and then a blood test at the hospital 21 days (or 3 weeks) after intercourse.The results are both negative. I have a really accurate cycle of 30-32 days. Btw on the 28 Jan. I had some kind of mucus which is stretchy, not so clear, I did an internet search and it looks like an ovulation mucus. And my body temperature vary between 35.9-36.4 celsius. My questions are 1. Could plan B stop period ? 2. Can I trust my blood test? Did I take it to early ? 3. Is the mucus an ovulation mucus? Does it means I'm not prego. (it came for only a day) 4. Is my body temperature normal ? What's the chance of pregnancy in my case ?! Thanks