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I have searched the internet high and low to answer this question - is it POSSIBLE to get pregrnant after having sex the day before your period is due?! As in - not even a period coming my way. I am always on a 28 day cycle. I'm 5 days late... I do have cramping. I was so sure the day before my period that it was coming at any moment, and now there's nothing. From what I've read online, this is very unlikely. And also... if you did get pregnant on this day, shouldn't you have your period anyway? I mean, everything was ready to go, mother nature just about to step in my door - and... nothing. Is there anyone out there who's experienced this? Gotten pregnant this way? I'm not fearing for my life here, I would welcome a baby... but I can't stop wondering, thinking, obsessing... any end to that would be appreciated. OH! And if you could somehow get pregnant this way, how soon can you take a test? I think it would be two weeks, but technically I've missed my period.

Thank you in advance.


It's quite rare that you would be ovulating the day before your expected period. If you were to be pregnant, it would have had to have been from a sexual act about 2 weeks prior.