I started my Birth control (LOW-OGESTREL) a month ago. I finished the first pack by taking every pills everyday and on time. Now I am on my second pack and started it right away after I was done with my first pack. The first week I missed 4 pills in a row. # 4-7. On 3 of the days I missed I had unprotected sex each of those days, and my fiance came in me. on the third day I noticed I started what they call "Breakthrough Bleeding" for about 4 days straight like a regular period. I had just got my period about 2 weeks before this. I haven't taken any pills to make up for these four pills I missed in a row. Latley anything I eat or drink I feel sick. I'm tired, and feel very nausious, am I pregnant? Should I continue my pack? and when is it best to take a pregnancy test? I really need answers? I know I need to see a doctor, but just trying to get everyones opinions.