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Should I switch from Dexedrine to Desoxyn?


I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12, and I’m 23 now, trying to get my life in order and finally try finishing the college, but this really is not easy when despite being on Concerta and then Dexedrine for 7 years now I still have hard time with concentrating. My psychiatrist has tried switching my medications and varying up the dose, but it’s still like it’s up to the day if I’ll be OK or not.

I’ve read up on some other possible medications that might work better, and several people have advised me to try Desoxyn instead of Dexedrine so I’ll try bringing it up on my next appointment, but I’d really appreciate if anyone could share their experience with Desoxyn!



both dexedrine and desoxyn are one of the oldest medications for treating ADHD, and desoxyn is literally meta-amphetamine. That doesn't mean it won't help with your ADHD symptoms, but it does mean that prolonged use can bring the same side effects street meth does.

Perhaps you should also talk to your doctor about some of the newer ADHD medications, such as Focalin or Vyvanse, mainly because they might be as effective as desoxyn, but with less risk and side effects.