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I’m 17 years old and I weigh 175 lbs. I’ve tried dieting and I can’t really go to gym or exercise because I feel like people will just laugh at me because I’m this fat. My family isn’t supportive at all since they are all overweight too, so it’s even hard for me to eat healthy at home.

I know these medications are for ADHD, but I might get access to them - the only thing I need to know will Desoxyn or Dexedrine work better for my weight loss? If I start taking either of those, for how long should I be taking them?



before you use ADHD medications which are basically pharmaceutical methamphetamine, have you consider talking to your physician about other, specifically designed weight loss medications such as Duromine, Xenical or Reductil? Like I sad they are specifically designed for weight loss and don't carry the numerous risks and side effects ADHD medications do, and besides, unless you're officially diagnosed with ADHD it is illegal for you to have these controlled substances.

I understand it's hard when you don't have your family to support your weight loss, but there are other forms of support groups that will help you achieve your goals without harming yourself.