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I’ve been diagnosed with ADD almost 10 years ago and during this time, for the most part, I was on Adderall and Ritalin before that. Neither of these medications has worked fully for me, I still had issues with impulsiveness and attention.

I have my regular psychiatrist checkup in two weeks and I’ve been researching online to find perhaps some alternative  to Adderall, and I’ve found that most people think that Desoxyn works better than Adderall, as does Dexedrine. But if anyone knows, how does Desoxyn compares to Dexedrine?


Hi guest,

it's somewhat hard for anyone what will work better for your ADD, since people do have not only different reactions to medications, but also your group of ADD symptoms might not be just exactly the same as mine. However, as far as I know, but of course - make sure to check everything with your doctor - Desoxyn is one of the oldest ADD medications and is basically methamphetamine, while Dexedrine is one of the amphetamine like chemicals. Adderall contains the mixture of similar other psychostimulants, but slightly different in molecular structure, so maybe the older meds might work better for you.