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OK so it seems the consensus is the Vyvanse made me feel like a million bucks for 2 weeks but unfortunately that just doesn't last. I had crazy energy, no appetite, and a feeling of general well-being. But everyday it's less and less. I just want to fell better! Is there anything that lasts!

My symptoms:

Constant sleepiness and fatigue
Trouble concentrating
No motivation or follow through
Compulsive appetite and relationship with food

I have been on Effexor XR for years to control my acute anxiety disorder and the Vyvanse was meant to be added to combat these symptoms, mainly the fatigue.

Would adderall xr do the same but last? Just a simply stimulant?

Can anyone help?


Vyvanse is similar to Adderall with respect to the d-amphetamine isomer. Adderall uses a mixture of d-and l-amphetamine isomers as active ingredients. Because the mechanism of ADHD treatment is still unknown, companies such as Shire introduced Vyvanse, which contains only the d-isomer. People react differently to the various isomers, which is why there's no universal ADHD treatment. I used to take adderall but switched to vyvanse because it was a more steady dose with an easier "in time" and "out time" effect. You may like Adderall if you didn't like Vyvanse, after all there made by the same company. I've heard bad reviews about Concerta. I also tried Focalin but it made me feel tired and more anxious than anything. So, its tricky finding the right treatment but once you do its great.