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I’ve been diagnosed with ADD when I was 12 and I was on Ritalin until I was 18, when they switched me to Adderall. I’ve been on Adderall for two years now and the side effects are starting to become too much - I’m almost underweight since I have no appetite and I’m jittery and can’t really concentrate.

I have an appointment with my psych next week and I’m going to ask her about other options, such as Desoxyn or Dexedrine, but if anyone with experience could tell me - which one of the two is more effective?



it depends on your set of ADD symptoms, as well as the dosing of the medications, but generally more people find Desoxyn to help them more than Dexedrine, especially when you compare Desoxyn with Adderall and the like. For me, Desoxyn works OK, but it makes me too sleepy, so I try taking the lowest effective dose possible.

Another medication you might want to look into is Focalin - I had a month of free trial and it worked really great for my concentration issues.