I’ve had psoriasis since I was 14, it’s mostly visible on my forehead and scalp. I’m 31 now, but you can imagine how it was growing up with this horrible disease. I’ve been on all the medications from Methotrexate to Reclast injections, but still the areas on my scalp flare up, almost regularly. Since all these medications didn’t help, I started researching diets and natural treatments for psoriasis. I already don’t eat white sugar, but I do eat dairy products and food that has gluten. I’ll try eliminating dairy and gluten foods from my diet, and replace it somewhat with fruit and veggies. One interesting experience I read suggests that grape juice works wanders on psoriasis. I’m not sure if grapes have some special vitamin or what, but if anyone tried to fight psoriasis naturally, I’d love to hear your experience.