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So i made the mistake by having unprotected intercourse in a way with my girl friend. I did not penetrate but i did ejaculate. I understand she could get pregnant even if i did not penetrate. we called the helpline to see what they would say and they said it was a slim chance of getting pregnant. She also has irregular periods and they rarely come. she said the last time she had it was late September. I still have a question on what to do. 

Should she take the morning after pill or wait 2 weeks for a pregnancy test.

Please help!!


Hi Hamett,

If any sperm got into her vagina she can get pregnant.

Taking the emergency contraceptive pill now will prevent pregnancy with almost 99% reliability.  If you don't and decide to wait to test, it's too late.  What if she's pregnant at that point?

Take the pill and it's done.  No more worrying.