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My basic question is, is my chance of pregnancy high enough that I should invest in the morning after pill? 

Here are the details: My LDR boyfriend of 2 years and I were fooling around this afternoon after a month of being apart. We have had sex twice before, but both of these instances were over a year ago. We are only 18 and 19 and in college, so we don't feel as if we should have sex right now, since we could not take care of a child if I got pregnant. However, today we accidentally took things too far, and he went inside of me for literally only 3 seconds, before we realized what just happened and stopped completely. He did not ejaculate. I am not on birth control at this time, which is the first time in 5 years. My last period was the 28 to the 2nd. I understand that precum contains sperm, so that is why I am asking this question. I don't really have the money right now to afford the morning after pill, but I REALLY can't afford a child. Thanks in advance!


This has happened to me before. I was late for my period and was really scared that I was pregnant, so I took a test and literally a week later I got my period and all was well. I think the symptoms were partially psychosomatic, as they all went away when I got a (mostly) for sure you're-not-pregnant. Go take a test first.