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hello i am having a vaginal discharge that is chunky and almost booger like but its stringy and oatmeal colored or whitish but wet not dry and to be honest i scoop it out then it goes away for a few minutes then becomes a clear discharge it has no smell and doesnt itch i just took a ph test and it said my ph levels are perfect... i have had a sexual partner that i relize now i cant trust could this be a type of std or sti that doesnt mess with my ph levels and i know im not ovulation bc i just finished my period


Yes, it could be an STI, or Fungal Vaginitis, which can also give these symptoms.

If you had Thrush it would become itchy, so if you do get a symptom of itchyness, i think it could be thrush.

I'd go to a nurse and have swabs done.

Hope this helps!x