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Are there any side effects of eating too much bananas



Try reading up info on it at:

Regarding potassium:

“Normal levels of potassium in the bloodstream rest in the range of 3.5-5.0 mM, while levels of 6.3-8.0 mM (severe hyperkalemia) result in cardiac arrhythmias or even death due to cardiac arrest. Potassium is potentially quite toxic, however toxicity or death due to potassium poisoning is usually prevented because of the vomiting reflex. The consumption of food results in mild increases in the concentration of potassium in the bloodstream, but levels of potassium do not become toxic because of the uptake of potassium by various cells of the body, as well as by the action of the kidneys transferring the potassium ions from the blood to the urine."

Since your cells would use the potassium for their own purposes, not all of the potassium you ingest goes through your kidneys. It's highly unlikely that you could eat enough potassium with bananas or dates or any other high potassium containing fruit to raise your blood levels high enough to cause problems for your heart or over-work your kidneys. " all public info that you can smack together into a similar paragraph if you really want to

One guy postulated that it would take roughly 100 bananas in one sitting to eat too much potassium for your kidneys to healthily process, but that by the time you reached the 50th banana, the potassium from the first 5 bananas would have already passed through your system....

Now, I'm not very good at math, but since natural size of the human stomach is how much food you can fit in the palms of your two hands, it would be impossible for a person who is eating the normal amount of food at each sitting to eat an unhealthy amount of bananas in any given sitting.

As for bananas having lots of calories, don't worry about those. Be happy, partly since it means after a few bananas you've had a full meal. There is ample info to show that counting calories is not how to stay healthy, but rather by eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, at each meal eating only foods which are compatible with one another, and exercising.


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