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I think that I should reduce some weight. I don’t know what do. My neighbor recommends me jillian michaels fat burner. I am not sure how effective these fat burners are. Does this show some side effect? I am not sure, so I will need your help. Thanks in advance for replying.


Hey my sister was taking jillian michaels fat burner since the beginning of the year and she has lost 35lbs. However, I think that her weight loss doesn’t attribute to the pills. She has completely changed her lifestyle. Regular exercising is the catalyst for her weight loss. She has started to go to the gym there times a week. And she also joined the yoga class. Gym is for her body but yoga is for her mind.

 The pills will help you to control the hunger and they will give you extra energy for your workouts. But if you don't change the way you eat, you will gain the weight right back when you stop taking them.

So consider that the best way and the healthiest way of losing weight is to change bad habits and start with new and healthy lifestyle. It will be hard in the beginning but it will pay off in the end.