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Through the years, I have worked with many different clients. I would love to say that my success rate was 100%.

One hundred percent of the individuals I worked with lost the weight they wanted or achieved the fat loss they desired, but unfortunately that is not the case. I will accept some of the blame. Maybe I didn’t find the right button to push to keep them on track. Or maybe I couldn’t get through to them, but someone else might have been able to.

The one thing I won’t take the blame for is my commitment level. I am totally committed to each and every one of my clients reaching their health goals. I will do everything in my power to get them in the shape they desire. My clients that do achieve success match me in that commitment level. Not just with me and our personal training sessions, but the commitment to themselves to change to a healthier lifestyle which goes beyond the times we meet during the week. They try to be more active in their lifestyle. They try to change their eating habits. They know if they do those things and combine that with the personal training sessions, boot camp class, or whatever they are doing with us, it will accelerate the process of fat loss for them.

The ones that fail don’t succeed for a number of different reasons, but the phrase that bothers me the most is “Something is better than nothing, right?” When that something is smoking, you stop, and that is the only thing you change in your lifestyle, then yes absolutely that change is better than nothing. When the only thing you do is add walking a half hour a day, every day, then yes that something is better than nothing. Most of the time that is not the something that I’m dealing with my clients.

When I have to work with your busy schedule and have you exercise once a week, maybe twice a week for a half hour and you still live a life of inactivity and horrible eating, then something is definitely not better than nothing. Alright, I get it. You’re busy. There are plenty of people who lead busy lives, but make a commitment to healthier living. 

Honestly, if you are going to workout with me a half hour a week and not do what I ask of you outside of our training, then you might as well just give me the money and not come in at all because it is a waist of your time and more importantly my time. If I’m going to commit to you and block off a couple time blocks a week for you and you choose to be committed to this exercise program, you are taking the time slot of someone who does want to get healthier. REALLY wants to get healthier!

If you absolutely can only give me a short amount of time to be active each week, then here are the two things you ABSOLUTELY MUST do to come close to accomplishing your health and fitness goals:

  • Get more active in your every day life. Which means park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and burn those calories. Or maybe you do an early morning boot camp class, before your day even starts. You get energized and ready to tackle the day. Our Training Camp is very popular in the wee hours of the day.
  • Eat healthier. This little adjustment can help you lose pounds right away. Okay, if you aren't going to exercise with me, nothing is to stop you from eating better. Do it and reap the benefits.

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but we’ve been tip-toeing around this issue with clients for too long. Our gentle prodding and helping has gotten us no where. Our country is as fat as it has ever been. Commit to this concept of healthy living and don’t stop. If you can make the little steps like I suggested, it might help you to be energized to re-arrange your schedule and do even more than you ever thought possible.