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Hello guys

A month ago I decided to change my life. I am sick of being fat. I want to live my life to the maximum, I want to have energy through the whole day, I want to be in a good shape and condition.

The first thing that I have done, was changing my eating habits. Now I eat 5 times a day, but small meals. Also, my meals are now healthy and full of salads, vegetables and fruits.

Another thing that I have changed is physical activity. I am now going to gym three times a week and I jog almost every day.  Some of the guys in the gym suggested me to start using Thermo slim fat burner for better results. They also mentioned that this product is very pricy. Is that true?



Well, those guys from the gym were right in both cases BlueRanger. This weight loss supplement contains some very quality ingredients that are well known for weight loss and metabolism boost properties. Some of them are ginkgo, bitter orange, green tea, oriental ginseng…

The other thing those guys mentioned about expensiveness of the product is the main “con” of Thermo slim fat burner. I am not sure but I think that a small bottle of the product with 20 servings costs around 40 dollars at the American market.  For a big bottle with 90 servings you’ll need to pay around 130 dollars. In my opinion, that is maybe too much even though this supplement is very good.



Hello both of you.

I must say I don’t agree with SabrinaD about the expensiveness of Thermo slim fat burner.  I have years of experience with similar product because I became addicted to weight loss and fat burner products. When I use some of these products I feel great and I am losing weight, but as soon as I quit using it I start gaining weight.

Anyway, Thermo slim fat burner is the best product I have ever used. I assume that is because of all -natural ingredients it contains.

So maybe this product is a little bit more expensive than other similar products but it is so much better.