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I was on a fairly intense regemen of antidepressents starting my junior year of high school and ending in my senior year. During that time, I went from 270 to 340, which, needless to say, did not help my self-image.

Is there a way to stay happy, and not almost double my body fat?


Hey my sister was taking antidepressants. Almost whole high school she was fat and unattractive and this was making her feel even more unhappy. So one day she has decided to completely change her lifestyle. She has started to go to the gym there times a week and after the gym she was walking home. She was walking to school as well. She was considering of taking some diet pills but after consulting with the doctor she visited nutritionist instead.

He did some tests and afterwards together they have made plan of her diet. They have set goals and because of the plan she has accomplished what she wanted. She has lost 120 lbs. and she was feeling happy so the doctor was consider lowering the dose of medications for depression.    

The best way of losing weight is to change bad habits and start with new and healthy lifestyle. It will be hard in the beginning but you will see that it will pay off in the end.