I have a small bump on the shaft of my penis that is only sore during masturbation or sex. It seems to come and go and the there is not always pain. I shave so I thought at first it might have been an ingrown hair and I believe awhile ago there was one there that I pulled out however the bump is still there. I am contimplating going to the doctors or not and I did a bit of research which lead me to believe it might be Lymphocele. What wories me is that it could be other thinks such as cancer. It feels like it is in the skin and has a whiteish color to it and it also seems to be shinyer then the rest of the skin around it. My skin is very dry in general and in this place their was also a very thin layer of dried up skin over the bump that just flaked off. This has happened before and im not sure if it helps or not but I figured I might mention it.

Please look below for a small picture of it: