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You guys I am pretty nervous about this.
I had sex on Friday night, then again on saturday. Both times were stupidly unprotected, but on Monday I noticed a small red bump, that seeming is beneath the skin. Its about the size of a BB. Doesnt hurt, doesnt tingle, or smell or anything like that.

Is this an STD? Could it have shown up this fast? Its not shiny in texture or anything. Ive been doing some reading on the internet, and it seems to be harmless but I just need someone to answer honestly.

I have never had an STD or anything like that. I am 25 YRS old.

I do get bumps, that turn in to a white head, and can be popped?? Is this what it is, just like a pimple type bump??

Someone help!!!


I have the same thing except im a virgin so i dont know, im only 15 and im scared out of my mind cause i dont know what it is, i did some reading to and they said it might just be an ingrown hair or something, but im not to sure if you have any new information i would appreciate it..thanks.