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The statistics show that over 12 million Americans have used methamphetamine or as they are called on the street meth, crank, crystal and speed. The drug can be swallowed, injected, snorted or smoked. The age of most users range from 18 to 34 years.

Most of the users are not aware of what the drug is doing to their teeth. It impairs the ability to chew. The American Dental Association (ADA) warns that Methamphetamine is able to cause tooth loss in about a year. This will not of course happen to all users but the drug has an ability to make the teeth extremely sensitive.

This drug’s negative side effect is called the "meth mouth." The more excessive users are at risk of having to wear dentures for good as the drug could make their teeth “blackened, stained, rotting, crumbling or fall apart."

The drug damages the teeth by causing dry-mouth, tooth grinding and clenching, poor tooth grinding and clenching and cravings for high-calorie carbonated drinks.

The American Dental Association warns that there are no safe levels of methamphetamine use and calls for the family and friends of the users to intervene and try to help the meth users get of the drug.


I went to Narconon Arrowhead in OK. It was an amazing program. They dont use the typical NA method of telling you that its a disease and you dont have to sit in front of som e doctor who has never used the drug before trying to tell you that you shouldnt do it. A lot of the staff memebers are former drug users themselves so they are easy to talk to and know exactly where you are coming from when you talk to them. AWESOME. I have been clean for 3 years now and have neer looked back.

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