British scientists reported developing toothpaste that contains a liquid form of calcium and that is designed to help in sensitive teeth treatment by rebuilding the tooth enamel.
People with sensitive teeth suffer from an annoying pain and discomfort after eating hot or cold food, liquid or breathing cold air. This problem most likely occurs when gums recede and the tooth roots get exposed because there is no hard enamel to protect the outer layer of the tooth.

Church and Dwight Co., the world's leading manufactures of a wide range of personal care, household and specialty products developed the so called “Arm and Hammer's enamel care toothpaste” that contains the key component of tooth enamel - a liquid form of calcium.

The liquid calcium is important as it rebuilds the tooth by filling out microscopic gaps in the enamel. This stops dental nerves from becoming exposed preventing pain that way.
While the other toothpastes aimed at people with sensitive teeth just mask the problem, the new paste with liquid calcium actually solves it.
The toothpaste should be available in Britain by the end of May at 3.49 pounds for a 75 ml tube before going on sale in the U.S.