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Hi,I have a decayed tooth in my mouth,it's been there for a while now. Initially,I felt a lot of pain there but I didn't want it extracted because I have already lost four of my teeth. I used pain killers when the pains came. Right now I don't feel much pains in that tooth,I even chew with it even though it has a hole. I'm curious can that tooth affect my health if I don't get it extracted being that it does not pain so much any longer?



Dentists can usually identify tooth decay and further problems with a simple examination or X-ray. The treatment of tooth decay depends on how advanced it is like in four early stage tooth decay, your dentist may discuss a filling or crown with you, if the tooth is so badly damaged that it can't be restored and so on. Last month my friend was also suffering from tooth decay. It is required to have a good bone density for successfully completion of the implants. I think so, you should also consult a dentist who is a master at it. Be calm in emergency situations and find the right dentist for your dental problems.

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