I have severe stomach pains. It started when I was young. The doctor diagnosed it as a virus. I suffered from this about four times a year. I have severe stomach pain and vomiting. The problem will go away for several months and return again. My senior year in school was the worst. I missed alot of days. I was hospitalized for four days. They ran every test that there was. I had urine samples, ultra sounds, the light down my throat, dye in my stomach, bacteria test, you name it, I've had it. They found nothing, everything came back negative. They now have me on a drug for depression, (Cymbalta). I can take the strongest narcotic drugs that they have or can give a perscription for and nothing eases the pain. It is like the pain has a mind of it's own, and it have to run it's own course. After being pain free for six months, the pain is back again! I have changed my diet, I don't eat spicy foods. Wlhat can be causing this pain from hell? If anyone is experiencing this, or know someone that is, and have any suggestions that can help me, please post a comment.