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My son is 14 months old. Back in January he had a bought of Diarreah. He was hospitalized due to dehydration. They ran stool samples and blood samples, everything they could think of and everything came back normal. Now, more than 6 months later, he is still having the diarreah and its only getting worse, by the time we can even think about getting it under control its already turned into pure water almost and he has diaper rash that is bloody from all the wiping and cleaning up :(

my mother in law said that my husbands brother (my sons uncle) had something similar to this when he was a baby, the doctor diagnosed him with something called Giardia. The doctors claim to have tested for this but according to her its something that has to be found within just a few moments of getting a stool sample, so them having to carry it all around before testing it is not going to allow them to find anything wrong.

i am expecing again in just 2 months and im worried that it might be contagious through children because i was babysitting for a friend for a few weeks while she was in school and all of a sudden her son had to be hospitialized with dehydration from diarreah. this was only a few weeks ago so i havent been able to see if he is still having problems with it just yet.

my childs doctor and the hospital dont seem to be very concerned with his diarreah and they want to continue to treat me like i dont know my own son.

if anyone has had anything similar to this or knows anything about Giardia please let me know! I am desperate to have my baby fixed! We have another appointment tomorrow so that maybe we can make an appointment with a stomach specialist! Any help or information is greatly appreciated!


When it comes to your child, nothing should stand in the way of mom getting as much advice and care for him as humanly possible. I can't understand why this baby has had such problems like this for 6 months. If i were you, i would absolutly get some advice from another doctor.  You say maybe you can get an appointment with a specialist! There would be no maybe about it and should have been done months ago. I would step right over the doctor that he has now and find a doctor that takes care of stomach issues of new borns/toddlers.

You say the doctor doesn't seem to concerned, let me tell you, that would be the day!!!!

His poor little bottom probably looks like hamburg, how sad that is. See what they say and if they still are "NOT CONCERNED" move on. Get into your phone book and look up pediatrics or call the hospital, they have a list of specialists that you can visit. Demand that your present doctor give you a referrel to someone that knows what they are talking about. You must get a referrel so your insurance will cover it. If you go to someone else without one, your insurance probably will give you a hard time paying the bill.

Your mother in law is not a doctor, tho i'm sure she offeres her opinion as a caring grama. What about his diet?




my mother in law is a nurse, so that is why i am compelled to listen to what she says :) and we have literally changed EVERYTHING about his diet, he was breastfed totally and then switched to whole milk, and then switched to lactose free milk, then switched to soy milk, nothing has any different effect on his bowel movements! i completely understand what you mean about switching doctors, thats what everyone i know is telling me to do! so if my appointment with him doesnt go as i want it to then we will definately be going elsewhere