Not sure where to start really! Basically i have been known to suffer from ibs in the past and had a bout before easter, generally this includes severe pain and cramping followed by diarrohea then in a few days im ok again. Bouts ususally one a year!
Well for approximately 6 weeks now ive been feeling a tightening sensation under my left breast in the upper chest region. It feels like a cramp but more severe and longer lasting, I have had this for 6 weeks this week.

tests so far:
doc first put me on peppermint to ease cramps (didnt work).
went back had blood tests done and referred for ultrasound.
pain and discomfort so bad (week off work) went to a and e - they gave me kidney xray and took more blood, xray showed colon and part of stomach were swollen, was told to forget the pain and relax ....yea right!
had ultrasound today (which was fine)
back to doc again for another examination he thinks it may be diverticulosis????? IM 39 year old female. said colon was distended still and gave me buscopan tablets for the tightening, these have helped a little but ease the pain not cure it!
back to doc tomorrow as he said he would refer me for colonoscopy if ultrasound was ok.

having another xray to rule out kidney stones next week using dye etc.

Iv really had enough now as i have this constant discomfort in my side which nothing eases properlly. Anyone else had similar symptoms i would be grateful of diagnosis.