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My fiancee lives away from me, I went to visit him on Sept 24th and stayed til Oct 2nd, we had unprotected sex starting on my first night there on the 24th. I have irregular periods and have been known to go months and months without having one at all and sometimes I will bleed for a day and sometimes only for a few hours. 6 days ago (Fri Oct 12th) I noticed my nipples are sore (just my nipples not the whole breast), not unbearably sore but tender when I touch them or when they rub aganist my shirt with no bra on, I have never had sore nipples before and assumed it was from him messing with them but tonight when I went to the restroom, after I wiped there was a darkish brown discharge on the toliet paper, could I be pregnant? I always thought I couldnt get pregnant since my periods are all messed up, any help would be appreciated, I am 33 yrs old and have no children


One of the symptoms of PMS is sore nipples, there COULD be a chance that you're just having a period. Not only that, sometimes your PMS may range from different things (even if you have never had the symptoms before) due to the amount of physical activity, and what you have eaten/drink.

But to be sure, it's best to get a test or wait it out. (even though waiting can be agonizing)

Hope this helped! Take care!