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Hello, I've had sore nipples for 2 weeks now, the pain varies each day, i forgot the day of my last period but it was 3 weeks ago, I had sex the day after my period ended, I haven't had any other symptoms, just yesterday I had horrible nausea and I was very emotional but today I feel fine, other than my nipples being sore. I did do a pregnancy test this past Thursday(April 5th) I used First Response and it was a big fat negative, I'm waiting to test again in 3 weeks But I'm worried it will be a negative again, my period is irregular, I feel like I am pregnant, but I don't want to worry or stress. So do you guys think I could be pregnant? Or is it all in my head? Thank you!


Hi PrincessTani
i dont think there is an answer to that question! unfortunately!
You simply cannot judge it! I had the same symptoms with my pregnancy at the start, but also had similar symptoms simply at the begining of some periods.
-You might be pregnant (And the test simply didnt pick on it)
-You might not be pregnant (And you simply have sore nipples, feeling sick & emotional)
I would suggest talking to your GP and explaining your situation.
Try your best not to stress about it, (as it wont help) & Try again soon (:

Personally - i think you are (;



I've had those same symptoms kinda. I was really sick to my stomach for a week straight only in the morning though. I've been really tired as well. Ive had sore nipples for a week now and I've been really emotional. I have unprotected sex as well. This morning I thought I started my period but it's different than usual and it's about a week and a half early. It's pink and it's smells funny..... Idk if I might be pregnant or not? Help?? :)