I have never been or had symptoms of pregnancy in my life. As soon as I met the man of my dreams we decided to have sex, I had my period everything was fine, 2 weeks past I start spotting brown discharge for 2 days than it turned light pink for a day and than stopped, the spotting wasn't heavy enough to even spot my underwear. So at that time I decided I need to look into contacting a doctor, so it's been about 3 weeks after that, and I have had the sickness in the morning a little bit and i feel sick at times throughout the day, I have all the symptoms nausia, breast tenderness, etc. and now I am a week late of a period and i am now spotting light pink discharge.
What can this be?
My period or am I pregnant?
Please help me my doctors apt is tomorrow but I need to know now I am scared.
Thank you