I was about 2.5 weeks late for my period & I had some symptoms of pregnancy (vomiting fatigue tender breasts sensitivity to smells etc) well I decided to take a hpt which came back negative. A couple days later I started to get a migraine which For 5 years I've always gotten a headache the day before I start, but it continued for 3 days with no sign of my period. I then started cramping... Severely, I meant to the point I was in tears! But for 2 days still nothing. Note I'm still having symptoms of pregnancy but finally my "period" comes.. But its different. Day 1: it was just brown discharge/spotting as in 2 spots the whole day. Day 2: beginning of the day it was more spotting more pink than brown but still light enough to where I only needed a lite tampon which didn't even get close to half full the entire day. since mid day Itsbbeen light pink in color with major clots and my cramps seem to just get worse, it's in my back, in my abdominal area, it's making me want to puke all I do is lay in fetal position and try my bet to not cry in pain. What could be wrong? They have never in 5 years been this bad! Could it be a misscarriage? Or chemical/ectopic pregnancy? Cysts? My boyfriend is scared we are pregnant, and I on the other hand am just scared there is something wrong with me.