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This will take a bit to write and read but hopefully it will contain useful info for all.

I had my first kidney stone 10 years ago. Took a trip to the ER and a nice shot of morphine before I could uncurl from the fetal position I had wound myself into. It was a relatively small stone and with flushing medications I passed it.

Flash up to June of this last year when I started having a back ache over my right kidney. Recognized the symptom and went to my doctor who referred me to my urologist who found another stone. Only this one was stuck about halfway down my ureter. Due to my size EWSL wasn't an option so I had it removed under general anesthesia via basket removal and a stent put in. Was told that I could remove the stent myself ( string attached ) in 5 days. Uh huh, sure I could. Call me chicken but I had to make a trip out of town for that week so I went to a clinic on the day it was to be removed and begged them to do it. Actually, it was a first for both me and the PA that they had do the job. I cannot say that it was exactly pleasant but it went quick and was over in about 20 seconds. Yes, I did have that kidney pain and burning, bloody urination for a day afterward but nothing that pain meds and rest couldn't cure.

Update to December when my doctor told me that my urinalysis showed odd numbers and had me see a nephrologist. Well, after a sonogram, a CT and a comparative dye test, they found that I had yet ANOTHER stone stuck in my ureter. HOWEVER, this one had blocked the passage completely and urine had back pressured into my kidney. Now, mind you, I was not having anything resembling pain like the other two stones. Just a minor ache which I took to be hours behind the wheel or picking up something wrong...that kind of pain. Nothing ongoing more than a few hours.

Well, that back pressure has basically killed my kidney. I had another basket removal with stent inserted this last week to promote drainage. This one will be in six weeks. I am not looking forward to having it removed because I elected to not have that damn string sticking outta me for six weeks. I do not expect it to be awful, but I plan on definitely doing some pain meds before going in to have it done.

The moral of this story is this. Do NOT ignore kidney stones. Get them treated and removed. There is no feeling like your doctor telling you that you have lost the function of a kidney with little or no pain in the process. You don't want to have to deal with worrying about only having one kidney working and a propensity for making stones.


Removing the stent if it has a tether on it is a simple procedure. It takes about 5 seconds. It is easier if the physician's assistant or the doctor does this for you, only because they have done it before many times and it likely you have never done it. 
THe removal is done in one smooth long pull as the stent is much longer than you likely imagine: most likely 8-12 inches.

Itis not painful but it is a very strange feeling. If you are anxious take some valium or xanax and hour before and also take some percocet or whatever pain medication was prescribed for immediately after your stent implacement. THe pain med will act as a threshold so you should not feel anything.

It is a scary thought someone pulling a piece of string and pulling a tube out through your penis. It causes shivers to all men to think about it. But the good news is that is is trivial in comparison to all you have been through with the kidney stone and stent insertion and while the stent has been in place. And the procedure lasts seconds.