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I a 30 year old male.I was diagnosed with a 21mmx14mm kidney stone that had passed from my Kidney to my Blatter.I under went Ureteroscopic stone removal surgery,and had a stent put in(Nov.25,2009).I had the stent removed on 11-30-2009,the day after having the stent removed I partualy passed a fragment left behind after the surgery.I passed the fragment completly on 12-3-2009,measuring 10mmx8mm.everythingis healed up for the most part.My problem is when I get an erection I feel like my penis is ripping apart on the inside.urinating is back to normal,maybe a little more frequent,but normal.My question is how long befor I can resume normal sexual activity? how long will I have to deal with the excrutiating pain of an erection?



I know that uretheroscopic kidney stone removal is very often procedure for kidney stones.  But this procedure is most often used when your kidney stones are in the middle or in the lower part of your urethra. I am not sure about risks from stent placement and the complications that might implicate but I can tell you risk associated with kidney stone removal. The thing is that this can cause bleeding and some infections. There is also a chance that you might need a surgery is stone doesn’t break to small pieces that you can pass urinating. Also there is a small chance of damaging the urethra when the stones begin to move. So having sex can be questionable in first few weeks.