A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a large kidney tumor (8 CM) or baseball size on my left kidney.

This diagnosis was quite by accident as I went to the ER for rectal bleeding following a bout with what turned out to be a virus.

This issue was of no particular worry, but the CT scan that was done revealed the tumor.

I met with the urologist a week later and he suggested that we do a procedure to go into the kidney via the bladder and up through the ureter.

The procedure ended up with my ureter being too small to allow the scope to enter and the ureter sustained some minor damage (cracking) during the attempts.

The decision was made to place a "Ureteral Stent" and leave it for two weeks, then try again.

The stent was anoying to say the least and at time downright painful.

I decided after the first week, that the second attempt to gain access to the kidney would be aborted.

The doctor accepted my decision. The days ticked by and the pain from the stent was mostly during voiding.

Pain would manifest itself in the groin area as well as the flank area.

The meds that were given helped somewhat, but not totally.

Pyridium was prescribed for 3 days plus Ditripan XL

I took Tylenol along with these other meds. I am a commercial driver, so narcotics are not an option at all.

Finally after 11 days the stent was removed.

The procedure was done in the Dr's office with a nurse attending and assisting.

I was in a semi reclining position on the table with my legs in the stirrups.

The "scope" was inserted up through the urethra an the bladder filled with saline (water) to allow a good view of the stent.

The procedure so far was not terribly painful, but not pleasant.

The stent was located and the "gripper" tool was inserted into the scope and the stent "captured"

The doc then pulled the stent and the scope out. ZOOOOOOOOP all done.

The worst sensation was the scope up the urethra, and not the stent coming out.

The sensation following the stent removal was many fold, needing to go, a burning sensation and some pain in the groin and the flank.

The burning went away to a great degree within about 30 minutes.

An hour following the stent removal I started getting a nasty pain in the groin and the falnk area.

The pain increased to the point that I was sweating profusely.

I called the Dr and spoke with him. He had me take a couple meds he had provided, and asuured me that this was nothing to panic over.

Its a spasm of the kidney/bladder/ureter or all three.

The terrible pain lasted about 30 minutes then just ramped down to GONE.

I was left just wrung out and shakey, but pain free.

The following day I was back on the road driving for many hundred of miles in a big truck.

The ureteric stent is NO FUN AT ALL. It does  not matter if its for a post surgical need or to aid in stone passage, the results are the same. These things are nasty little beasts, and anyone who tells you that its no biggy, is either lying to you or very lucky.

I have not spoken to anyone that has had a good ride with a stent.

The Meds help, but do not make it perfect.

I found that the Ditropan XL left me very fuzzy, dry mouth and just YUCKY but it does help with the urge to go and the pain.

Hot baths do help relax things.

Sudden rolling in bed can cause pain as the stent pokes the bladder.

Laying on ones side can be more comfy than flat on the back, but you will find what works.

An ice pack on the groin over the side that has the stent does help some.

a pack of frozen peas works well as it easly conforms to your shape.

I am quite happy to be shed to that stent.

My heart goes out to anyone who has to endure kidney stones or having a stent.

Any caregiver that tells you to just "suck it up" has no class at all, and needs to have stent for a couple weeks just to see how the other side has to live.


Its painful, but workable. Take your meds, do the bath thing and try and relax. Getting all tense just makes the entire process worse.

Two days post stenting, my legs ached something terrible as did my shoulders and my back. This was all due to tension and stress from reacting to the pain.

Its two days post removal now and I am almost back to normal.

The Stent is placed with you under a general anesthesia, so you have to get rid of all the chemicals used in thyat procedure.

Shedding all the anesthesia can take a couple weeks to really get it out opf your system.

I recommend that after a general anesthesia that before winter, you get a flu shot and stay in as good a physical shape as possible.

This sort of stuff beats your imune system up badly and you can catch all manners of bugs.

I am not a Doctror, but please consult yours on such matters.

Hope this helps others