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When the stent is removed (after having kidney stones removed) what kind of discomfort should I feel and for how long? I have experienced cramping and now a slight bit of blood in my urnine. I have shooting pain sensations in my urethra just like previous when the stone was still in. Is this normal? I had the stent in for one week and it has now been out for 36 hours.


Hello there,

Oh I know that you are feeling awful and that you are worried. First of all the whole stent procedure is very unpleasant and painful, at least it was in my mother’s case.

Once the underlying condition that caused blockage of the ureter is resolved and the ureter is healed and this is obviously your case the stent can be removed and your doctor is making this decision.

Kidney stent removal is a short procedure in which the stent is removed using a cystoscope. Very often this is done under local anesthesia.

 Sometimes a stent can be left with a thread attached to its lower end that stays outside the body through the urethra and if you had stent like this one your doctor had removed it by pulling this thread.






My maternal language is not English so please be patient.

My experience with JJ ureteral stent removal (after 2 LARGE uric acid stones, INSIDE same kidney: 17 mm and 7 mm smashed to sand with Holmium Laser Ureteroscpy):

My stent was simply stuck. I had the laser uretersocopy procedure on a Thursday, 2pm, stent to be removed on first Monday, 2pm.

I have a very good doctor. Using a cystoscope, at the hospital (not like other doctors, in their office), he scheduled my stent removal.
He managed to pull out half of it (total length is 24 cm). But then, pain, sweat, horrible pain. He stopped. New tools. He used a wire, trying the push the stent back, he pulled again, introduced fluids. Pain again.

At that moment he said he's only going to try one more time and if is not coming out I need another Holmium Laser Ureteroscpy - there's probably some gravel involved. He tried one more time: huge pain.

So he pushed the outside part of the stent all into the bladder. I was alright about half an hour.

I was lucky to have him as a doctor. He made some phone calls and managed to send me to a bigger hospital, one with emergency Operating Rooms. He put me on the list and somehow managed to do the surgery 5 hours later,
himself! Until the surgery, for 5 hours, 4 ml of morphine every 15 minutes to half hour was not enough for my swelled kidney pain. Never had such a pain in my life! I am a very strong woman, had a hard life, 43, delivered a big boy during 21 hours of heavy delivery. But this pain can't be described in words!

I am very pleased he managed to do the surgery same night; I live in Canada and you know how long we have to wait for procedures here, we have very few specialists in case you don't know... I had to wait 2 months for the first surgery.

The doctor told me it was very difficult to straighten the stent; first he had an x-ray and discovered the stent has curled where it was stuck, then he introduced the camera, found gravel where the stent was stuck - half way the urethra; lasered the little 2 mm gravel, then introduced a wire to the kidney and grabbed the end of the stent to pull it inside the kidney, where he was able to uncurl the curl. Then he took the wire out, then the stent out and inserted another stent (need to keep this one 2 weeks because my urethra is really damaged and mad...).

Now, having the second stent in, I can tell you: big difference from the first one!
With the first one it was very difficult to urinate and the urine was cherry red. I thought is normal. No, it is not. PINK is normal! Cherry IS NOT normal. I was urinating in small jets, never "with force" like now.

That first stent was probably blocked from the second day, with gravel.

Now I know this: having a stent in, if I drink half a liter of water i should urinate the same quantity soon, all at once. Not 100 ml now and 100 in one hour.

Please note, this horrible story can't happen if you have only a small stone smashed - like 5 or 6 or 7 mm. I guess I had a lot of gravel from my 2 big stones, a 24 mm total. Or, also possible, my kidney released some other little stones after the surgery. Not sure how to explain why this happened. I'm sure a urologist would understand more from my story. So any comments from a specialist are welcome.

My urologist is a very busy surgeon; he only had this happening 3 times in his life and I imagine he did lots of these procedures.

I am not a doctor so please talk to your doctor if you have very LARGE stones INSIDE the kidney (over 15 mm) lasered to dust.

But my advice is this, if you have, I repeat, very LARGE stones INSIDE the kidney (over 15 mm) lasered to dust:

... do not accept a wired stent, ask for a medical environment when removed... If they leave a wire out they will remove it in the office or ask you to do it yourself at home!

... If you can, have an ultrasound one day before the stent removal.. if you live in a country where you can pay and have one, do it. (we don't have that luxury in Canada.) I suppose if they look at the end of the stent in the kidney they can see the eventual gravel.

If you have a small stone removed the stent will come out very easy, in seconds. But expect pain in one or 2 hours after stent removal, from bladder spasms. Take pain control medication to be sure, right after removal.

One more thing. Not sure why, but couldn't eat anything the day of my stent removal. Premonitions maybe? So I was lucky to get the surgery the same day due to my empty stomach...

Good luck to you all!