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Hi, I was wonderig if a stimulant medication such as ritilin or adderall would be an effective treatment for dealing with auditory processing disorder? My reason for asking this, is that some of this disorder's symtomps can be shared with other related disorders, which can also have areas of overlap. Disorders such as acquired brain injury, attention deficits, dyslexia or learning difficulties, hearing loss, and psychologically-based behavioral problems have been linked in relation to APD.


Central auditory processing disorder means that the ears and the brain don’t communicate with each other as well as they should.

Treatment of this disorder usually doesn’t include stimulant medications so did you come up about this idea by yourself or you have read it somewhere?

What does your doctor suggest? And are you suffering from central auditory processing disorder or someone in your family?

There are different approaches in treating this condition and the best approach usually depends on various factors. The goal is to ease living with this condition but including stimulant medications in the therapy isn’t advisable especially drugs like Adderall.

I hope that you will find some suitable solution for your problem but consult with your doctor about everything.