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live in italy and want describe my situation. sept/2006 : sex unprotected with my new partner. After few days I gone to my doctor and he told me that was : candida albicans. So I and my girlfriend took Diflucan + Gyno canesten. Symthoms of my girl go away while mine worse. In particulary : strongly itching ; burning (during eiaculation/urination) and above all in the morning a important white discarge.october 2006 I gone to a urologist. He visited me very well : all ok and told me to do uretral swab (Chlamydia; gonorrea; triconomos and all type microorganisms) by pcr system.positive for Chlamydia.My girl done the same but the exam tested positive only ureaplasma. So both took doxiciclina for 15 days (2 pills 100mg fror day) plus 7 days of zitromax. Only protected sex.November 2006 :During the terapy burning eiculation/ urination reduced and discharge gone away. After 15 gg I and my girl done again a check (like the first one): all negative. Sex always protected.March 2007 : after 4 mounths from terapy remains : a sensation of burning when I urinate which everytime give me a strange sensation like ipersensitivity/pleasure pre-wank on the tip of my penis. No others problems.last week return to my specialist. He told me that it was normal… sometimes the simpthoms; especially without discharge; are normal and it’s nececessary also 6 mounths or more for go away depend on personal sensitivity. I decided also for a dermatologic visit but the result was the same by the urologist. He told me that sensations are normal because the uretra is till some inflamed (red). He told me patients and told me also that it’s impossible that you have till chlamyda or someone else above all the check and antibiotic therapy.
1) it’s possible that the . Symthoms during for 6 mounth or more ?
2) it’s possible that chlamidya no gone away ?
3) I must go to another urologist ?


Marco, I think that you should see a good urologist. A chlamydia infection and candida very often cause prostatitis in a man. This is a very uncomfortable inflammation of the prostate, which can cause all of the symptoms that you described. These are difficult infections to treat once they reach the prostate. Often a 4 week course of Ciprofloxin is prescribed.

Some things that you can do to help would be to drink lots of water and soak in a hot bath for 20 minutes trwice a day. A prostate massage, (either by your urologist, your partner, or even by the subject for advice on self prostate massage) followed by an ejaculation often helps to relieve the discomfort. Daily masturbation or ejaculation can also help relieve the pressure and discomfort.

Prostatitis caused by the fungus candida is really stubborn, and the burning, pinching sensation at the tip of the penis can be really uncomfortable. It can also be caused by e-coli bacteria if your partner does not have good personal hygene or if you engage in unprotected anal sex.

Prostatitits will eventually go away. In my case, it took almost 6 months for it to subside. It can also flare up again from time to time with no apparent trigger. I strongly urge you to use condoms during sex whenever you have the discomfort in the tip of the penis.

See a good urologist who understands and is experienced with prostatitis. Good luck