ok, so almost 6 months ago i had unprotected sex.  dumb move i know.  but the next day i had the urge to go to the bathroom right then.  it was a continuous pattern through out the day. like 20+ times.  i am a male.  i let it go for a couple days then i went in to the docs.  doc did a urine culture.  he never told me if it had bacteria in it but the doc said he thought that i had caught chlamydia. i never had any discharge. he gave me a shot of rocephin and 7 days of doxycycline.  it seemed to get better as i was taking the pills.  after the pills were complete, i felt fine for about 1-2 days upon completion.  then it came back with the frequent urination and it was like electrical feeling in my groin and penis.  i went back and they gave me flaggyl.  i felt good for almost 2 weeks and then it was back again.  i had tingly feelings through out my lower region.  i also had abdominal pain, from the belly button down to my penis.  pain in my left abdomen.  i went back and they gave me another shot of rocephin and more doxycycine.  again, i felt good during the course and once i completed it, it was back.  so, they kept thinking it was in my head and to come back every week for a check up.  same thing. they did 2 more urine cultures to check for bacteria.  negative.  they did a psa test for my prostate.  came back normal. then they thought that maybe i had a kidney or bladder stone.  so they sent me to urology.  urology gave me another urine culture to test for all the stds.  (mycoplasma, chlamadia, gonnoreah, etc.)  all negative.  they also did a ultrasound on my kidneys, bladder, liver, all normal.  i went back to the doc, he then gave me ciproflaxin for a month.  seemed to do nothing at all.  then he gave me amitriptyline(tricyclic anti-depressent) to help the frequency in urination.  it has helped the frequency but the sting is still there when i pee.  it doesnt happen all the time.  just 90% of the time it stings.  sometimes i get aches in my penis.  hasnt been doing it lately.  i was having alot of discomfort at the base of the penis that went like behind the pubic bone.  it hasnt been doing this much lately either.  i havent had any breakouts of herpes, sores, lesions, etc.  penis looks normal.  it seems the frequent urination has episodes where it comes and goes.  this has been going on for almost 6 months.  any ideas? do you think it could be just anxiety? i dont know if whatever it was maybe aggravated the nerves and i know nerves take time to heal.  they are thinking now that maybe i have internal cystitis.