Frequent urination/blader pain/epididymal cyst/sitting for hours/ suprapupic pain/etc

So when i was dating my Ex and i where having Protected intercourse , i used condoms she was on the pill.  Oral sex was unprotected.

A red spot suddently appeared on my penis head. It didnt seemed raised or like a pimple it seemed just right under the skin. I went to the doctor , my doctor took a swab and urine/blood tests. I get a call back weeks later saying it was negative for std's. One thing i can remember from vagina sex was that when she would masterbate and my penis would slip, out her nails would hit my penis head now that hurt. So that red spot could of been from that.

Then my ex and i started having anal sex, i was penetraiting her anus with a condom. After i got tired she would finish me off oraly. Then weeks later i started experiencing burning urination. I went to my doctor i thought it was a UTI , they took uring and blood samples, they checked it againts the usual culprits i'm assuming, i was given keflex and doxycycline. The keflex did not completly cure the pain, but the other did.  Also the tests came back negative.

Can  i assume she gave me something from her tounge?, maybe she nevered cleaned it, like fungus or that white coating that we get on our tunges?

So 3 years later i stopped seeing her. No sex , only masterbation. At the same time i developed a cysts on my testicles, it was cnfirmed via ultra sound. I found out because my left testicle was hurting like a pulsating pain.Then months later my right testicle developed it.

I was given meds incase it was bacterial in nature. Now i get pain on my left testicle on random times of the day and if i frequently masterbate i.e once every day. So i stopped masterbation to once a month due the pain the would come on gradually. Also i developed Suprapubic pain.

I also get pain that radiates from my left testicle where my cysts is to the back of my left side hip. I was getting massages for a while and it seemed to help the pain from the back side of my hip. But i have stopped getting massages.

So this suprapubic pain i was getting, i am now getting almost all the time now, i had a cystoscopy done, my urologist said that my bladder seemed fine to him, he took a sameple of some fluid not sure what it was, and he had it sent to the lab. I was told that it was all good.

I also had a CT scan, x-rays done. All tests came back fine. Ive had numerous STD's Check even my urologist told me. he said "man you have been tested up the wazoo" i said i know, we cant seem to find out whats going on. He also did a prostate check, that was also fine.

so now almost a year later i still have this pain, and also im developing frequent urination and my bladder would hurt to after urination. I have started taking saw palmetto, now this herb is helping me with the frequent urination and the bladder pain.

I was wondering does having stool in the lower end of your rectum push againts the prostate and bladder,, having you have symptoms of frequent urination?,pain in the urethra etc..?

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?