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33 yr Male. Pretty healthy..high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure.

I am experiencing my third episode of the exact same symptoms. The last one occurred 3 months ago.

1. My symptoms start off by frequent urination usually in the evening (doesn't wake me up). No burn or blood, just frequent.

2. After about a week the frequent urination will stop.

3. After frequent urination symptom stops, I get flank pain (dull achy) equally on both sides. In addition, altered stool habits (more on the side of constipation). Sometimes pain radiates to front belly button area.This has been happening for weeks up to two months. No nausea or anything else really.

4. I have hadd all blood test, CT scan, checked for bladder cancer. Seen Urologist. No answers!


Can anyone give me some insight? This has been destroying me mentally.


Thank You! KRIS



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Hello, Kris.

Judging by your symptoms I would say that you're right by guessing the category of your problem. It seems that there is really some problem with your kidneys.

Have you been at kidney expert? Maybe he/she will help you by finding kidney stones or kidney infections. Also, my uncle had similar issue in 2005, but he had hypercalcemia, the high amount of calcium in blood. That's one more possible cause of your flank pain/frequent urination problem.

Just stay focused, visit the doctor and get abdominal x-ray/kidney CT (if you have not already done it). I hope that will point toward solution of your illness. Give us feedback how it went.

Good luck & cheers!



Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to navigate this Health System as best as possible. It's hard to get answers sometimes.