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i have been experiencing, at times unbearable, pain in the right flank kidney area. I have seen a doc. and they took urine sample it came back negative on everything. They suggested U.S. I cant find any one that will see me with out money up front. I have no insurance. Polycystic kidneys have been in my fathers side am i at risk?


Hi there,

There is definitely something wrong with you kidneys. My first guess was kidney stones. Did you test for kidney stones? Pain in the kidneys and frequent urination could definitely be kidney stones but it is little strange if doctor didn’t find anything wrong with the urine sample? If you have urinary tract infection then the sample should’ve showed some bacteria in your urine. Have you noticed any blood when you urinate or you just have pain in the kidney area? My suggestion would be to try using some antibiotics and pain killers and seeing if that helps you in any way. If this lasts longer than three weeks you will need to find a way to see a doctor.

All the best,