HI I am 30 yr. old female. I had (open)Gastric bypass surgery in 2004. I have lost over 190lbs. 2005 I had an incisional hernia repair, and again in 2006 another incisional hernia. I just had open gall bladder surgery 2 months ago. I am still in ALOT of pain both incisional and RUQ(same as before surgery). I have had every diagnostic test possible along with bloodwork, and check up with obgyn. All tests are negative. The surgeon that did my gall bladder cut me horizontally on my right side ( just below rib cage). The incision looks good and is healed, however it was not a straight cut (it's almost diagnol), and becaus I had excess skin to begin with I think she pulled to tight or not tight enough. just above the incision I have a bulge in my abdomen. At first dr. said it was fluid, he drained it. Then he said it was just swollen. Well I am 2 months post opp and it is clearly not swollen just disfigured. I am going for ct scan tomorrow to see if I have a hernia or too much scar tissue. I need some advice. I really don't know what else to say to the Dr.'s. Could this pain be all scar tissue? Could I fight for an abdominoplasty? would that even help? Anyone with suggestions or advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks Becky