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hey, i am 25. male.
i have been experiencing cramps, abdominal pain, dizziness, lightheaded, vertigo like symptoms, motion sickness, loss of appetite, light constipation, then diarrhea, and gass. all for about 5 months.
It started with a feeling of intense motion sickness (that developed into a bad ulcer{lower stomach, or beginning intestinal}), and hasnt really stopped since. (the ulcer is gone, but the pain persist)
also, i can not get into a vehicle without feeling very sick within a few blocks.

the doctors have no idea, and have told me to take nausea or motion sickness pills. these make me sleepy, and the problems persist.

i have seen other ppl post similar questions. but none have answers.

i have been told:
h pylori
inner ear infection
irritable bowel syndrome
lactose intolerance

the pain is still here, and it has made it very difficult to function

I have no insurance, and the bills just pile up with no end or treatment in sight

i need to function. i have no energy. and if it wasnt depression before... now im getting depressed since i always feel terrible

anyone with some help?
i am taking antacids like candy. was on prilosec for a month, $200 prescriptions for a month, i drink chamomile tea (the sleepytime tea with no caffeine) and eat bland foods, i have been taking one a day vitamins to combat the loss of appetite. lots of fluids.

help me?


I am not a physician, so I cannot tell you specifics. I would first ask if you have had any major life changes recently. Just to get a ballpark of what daily life was before and after this all started.

I don't know if you've tried homeopathic or natural remedies to help you feel better - chiropractic care, accupunture, accupressure, to name a few. It might sound like a hoax, but there are more and more findings on holistic ways of curing when typical Western medicine fails. There are a few places that are really out there to help - and finding a great holistic care center can make all the difference.

If they think it's vertigo - did they do anything to help it? Did they make you roll around to attempt to stabilize the inner ear?

The body is amazing in what it recalls and remembers and manifests into pain and symptoms. It has a memory or imprint of events, trauma, pleasure - and it time stamps it and doesn't forget it. It might help - although this is annoying - to try an elimination diet. This would pin point any hidden latent allergies you might have that your body is not putting up with anymore. Celiac diease is something that affects so many people, and many don't even know it. A simple blood allergy test (not the stick test) can tell you if there are things you might be allergic to. There is also something in our enviornment that causes allergic reactions to otherwise harmless substances depending on the time of year/season/weather - it's so indepth that there is too much information to post here.

I do hope that some of it - even a little bit helps the way you are feeling.

good luck!



You have the classic symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Google for a support group near where you live.