I am 62 years old and in very good health...6'3" tall, 200lbs, run 4 miles every other day...yearly check ups always good...blood pressure 100/60. I have had gout since I was 21 years old and take 300mg of allpurinol every day...there are no other medical conditions. I have never experienced stress in my life until the last six weeks...my retirement has been threatened by the financial crisis and I have had a stomach ache almost every day. I have been able to sleep pretty well however. Two days ago I experienced severe stomach pain after eating...I hadn't eaten much during the day but had a double cheeseburger about 6PM. I was in severe pain until about 2AM...I had periodic fevers twice and felt like a would throw up but never did...I did not have a major bowel movement either (wasn't food poisoning)...I have watched what I have eaten the past two days...no pain in the morning for breakfast...only pain at night after eating dinner...nothing like the first night however...might I have an ulcer...stress is slightly more under control..