The day after New Years I had an episode where my upper right quadrant of my abdomen was in horrible pain. I could barely stand up. The only thing that made it better was lying on my back. There was also this lump right under my lower ribs. Finally the next day I went to the ER. They did some blood tests and decided it was not anything life threatening and I could go home. So I went in to see my doc and they have run every test known to man on my blood. Liver, Pancreas enzymes are fine. No bacteria to indicate an ulcer. Cleared of Hep A, B and C. Full abdominal ultrasound was negative as was the scan for my pancreas functions. Only thing that keeps coming back is my white blood cell count is elevated.

Now after the Super Bowl party last weekend, I had another attack. I have found that it comes on about 4-6 hours after drinking alcohol. This time it radiated across my abdomen. I have also had heartburn, acid reflux, burping, and diarrhea. The docs are stumped. Obviously I have stopped drinking, but I still get nausea upon eating, especially in the morning (no, not pregnant either) and heartburn. I've also experienced fatigue and malaise for about 6 months now. If anyone has anything helpful from diagnosis to tests to try to well anything, that would be great. As for right now, I've resigned myself to thinking I've been impregnated by aliens who hate booze. Thanks!