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My wife told me a few weeks ago that she was experiencing a sharp pain in her abdominal area and that pain was very high. After about and hour or two the pain started to reduce however when she would press on her stomach she could feel swelling and would experience pain. Over a few weeks that pain has come and gone however it is now coming back more frequently. Tonight she told me that she was feeling ill I placed my hand on her upper stomach and I could feel a lump almost like a lymph nod. I am recommending that she calls the doctor and gets this checked out any thoughts.


Hi there. 
My name is Penelope from New Zealand
I am a 32 year old mother of 5 kids.
I was reading this articual and saying to myself. I have the same problem.
I had had it for about three years now.
It started of small and then the pain got worse to the point the my belly had swelled, it looks like i am carrying a baby again.
I have had all the scan's that the doctors could think of and still no results on what this lump is.
I have been on pain kills for the last 2years
 but at the end of the day this problem is stil there and i don't know what to do
I look through the help guide online just in case the doc's have missed something.
what stops me from cutting it out myself just to get rid of it
Well my kids of course
Is there any help full advise out there. I am all ears