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Good day everyone,

I am really worried about my best friend Penelope. Ever since her boyfriend broke up with her, because she is fat, she is really depressed. She doesn’t want to eat, she is in the gym all day, and all that she is doing is drinking water. She is obsessed and unhappy. True, she gained some pounds, but I still believe that this is not the reason why he left her.

Now, she wants to try anything, I mean LITERALLY everything that can help her lose her pounds. She wants to try Formostar infrared body wrap. I am enough worried about her health condition, now I am afraid about this procedure.

I was wondering can Formostar cause any unwanted side – effects.

Please, I am very worried.

I need some help asap!  



Why? Why we start to destroy our health because of the boys? At this way? It is pretty stupid :/

You are totally right, you need to help her because obviously she needs your help.

About Formostar, it is pretty much safe, they don’t know about any side – effects, but I am always thinking about that infrared thing :/ Can that be safe?

Whatever, I don’t know anyone who had some unwanted side – effects, I know a few girls that are not happy with this treatment. But, that is all.

So, she can use it, but please, try to tell her that effects might be just temporary. 



Hello there,

I think that you should not have any reason to be worried about your friend when it comes about Formostar infrared body wrap at this point. It can’t have any unwanted side – effects, it is pretty much impossible.

It might have short term effects, it might be temporary, but it is not bad for your health, as far as I know. You have right to be worried about her current condition.

Unwanted side – effects should not be at the list of your priority. Find some other way to help her. As far as I can see, she is in very bad condition.

Good luck!